Health Profession Education Program (HPEP)

Application Instructions

  1. Read the application carefully and answer all HPEP Applicant questions. If you have questions regarding this application email or call 775-784-4901.
  2. Include your responses to the questions for funding selection.


Qualified students will be funded on a rolling basis. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible for priority funding.

For priority consideration deadline to submit to submit application is September 6, 2022.

Field of StudyFunding AmountEmployment Requirement
Post Masters Nursing Certificate$6,0001 Year per Disbursement: Certificate Tracks
Master of Science Nursing (FNP)$7,7001 Year per Disbursement: Full-Time or Part-Time
Doctor of Nursing Practice$7,7001 Year per Disbursement: Full-Time or Part-Time
Gerontology/Geriatric Nurse Practitioner$7,7001 Year per Disbursement: Full-Time, Part-Time or Certificate
Psychiatric MH Nurse Practitioner$7,7001 Year per Disbursement: Full-Time, Part-Time or Certificate
Master of Social Work$5,0001 Year per Disbursement: Full-Time or Part-Time

About The Program

The Nevada Office of WICHE was created to help Nevada students afford the cost of graduate medical education in occupational fields with high workforce demands and a shortage of providers. In exchange for funding, recipients agree to physically reside in Nevada and practice (employment) in your professional field upon completion of your education in a health profession shortage area (HPSA) or a medically underserved area. Health Profession Shortage Areas (HPSAs) are federal designations that indicate health care provider shortages in primary care, dental health, or mental health. Shortage areas may be:

  • Geographic-based (a shortage of providers for the entire population within a defined geographic area)
  • Population-based (a shortage of providers for a specific population group within a defined geographic area – e.g., low income, Medicaid recipients, homeless individuals, migrant farmworkers, etc.)
  • Facility-based (Federally Qualified Health Centers, correctional facilities, tribal facilities, state mental hospitals, etc.)
  • There are many urban settings in Clark and Washoe Counties that qualify. The HRSA Map Tool can be used to find medically underserved areas or populations to meet HPEP service requirements.


The HRSA Map tool allows you to type in the address of the area in Nevada you are considering employment to fulfill your service commitment. Documentation of the practice area is required on an annual basis to the Nevada Office of WICHE which includes an employment verification letter and copy of the HRSA Map tool documenting that the area of practice is in a HRSA area.


  • You must be a Nevada resident for at least one (1) year prior to applying. You must maintain your Nevada residency while in school.
  • Funding is sent directly to your school on your behalf. You will be responsible for the balance of tuition and fees as determined by your school.
  • Funds will be disbursed in the Fall 2022 semester; however, you may apply the funds towards future semesters if you do not currently have an outstanding balance.
  • You must remain and physically reside in Nevada, and practice (employment) in the profession for which you received assistance upon graduation. One year of employment is required for each year of funding received.
  • Defaulting on the program’s employment requirement will result in the stipend grant converting to a loan plus a default charge and accrued interest. Funding must be repaid in service to the State of Nevada beginning one year after the completion or termination of your education.
  • While you are a participant of the program, you must keep us informed about changes in your enrollment status, contact information, and place of employment.
  • You may be eligible for one additional funding disbursement as you progress in your studies. One year of employment is required per funding disbursement.


The web version of the HPEP Application form requires an electronic signature for validation. The HPEP Application is also available as downloadable PDF if you would prefer to physically sign your application.