The Nevada Office of Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

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Learn about our history and participation in WICHE programs. 


The State of Nevada became a participating member of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) and the Western Regional Education Compact on June 2, 1959. The WICHE Commission oversees the development of WICHE programs and assures that the Western Regional Compact is carried out for the benefit of the citizens of the West. WICHE’s 48 commissioners are appointed by the governors of the 15 Western states and the U.S. Pacific Territories and Freely Associated States. Learn more about Nevada’s Commissioners. The Western Regional Education Compact, governed by Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) Chapter 397,  establishes the terms, qualifications, authority and removal of Nevada WICHE Commissioners and  creation of the Nevada Office of WICHE.


The State of Nevada participates in several WICHE programs, including the Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP). Nevadans interested in tuition support for the following fields are encouraged to learn more about PSEP: occupational therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy, and physician assistants.

In addition to the PSEP, the State of Nevada also supports Nevadans pursuing graduate
education in the fields of nursing and social work through our Health Profession Education
Program (HPEP) of Nevada.

Both the PSEP and the HPEP provide tuition assistance to Nevadans in exchange for employment commitments upon graduation. Employment commitments serve as a tool to increase Nevada’s health profession workforce.


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